How Hard Water Damages Plumbing and What Can You Do About It?

Water is referred to as Hard Water when it contains an elevated concentration of minerals like magnesium and calcium. While this type of water is safe for human consumption, it can leave ugly, hard to clean spots on your appliances, increase wear on clothing, and the scale deposits from the hard water shortening the life of your water heaters.

Even worse, over time hard water causes scale buildup inside your water supply pipes, thereby restricting water flow and damages your pipes. Knowing exactly how hard water damages your plumbing can help you determine what is at stake and what you can do about it. Now, let’s hit the ground running.


How Does Hard Water Damages Your Plumbing?


The visible buildup on the outside of your fixtures and appliance is only one small part of the overall accumulation that is happening in your plumbing, and they are the least of your worries. After some time, your plumbing accumulates calcium, magnesium and other minerals and they build up until they narrow the opening of the pipes and reduce the amount of water that can flow through your pipes.


Now, these mineral deposits are unlikely to block your pipes completely. However, they can decrease your available water flow, lead to the formation of clogs and reduce your water pressure. While these minerals accumulations are too small to block your drains on their own physically, the ions can react with soap to create soap scum which hardens as it moves down the pipes. The harden soap scum can clog toilets, interfere with garbage disposals, and create plugs which can slow drains.


In addition to the hard water minerals creating hazards inside of your home, they can also be hard on the inner working of your plumbing, as this could lead to problems like joinery gaps and pinhole leaks. The more minerals accumulate in your pipes, the more internal pressure it can experience, and this can lead to issues like mold growth, drips inside of the walls, and sometimes indoor flooding. Altogether, hard water outcome leads to less efficient plumbing which could also mean more repairs over time.


What Can You Do To Prevent Hard Water From Damaging Your Pipes?


The solution to your pipes suffering from scale build-up is relatively simple: you can use water conditioning products, get a water softener device, or use a reverse osmosis water treatment system.

You can use water conditioning products to deal with mildly hard water. However, the most common effective solution is a water softener system. A water softener is a device that trades the hard water minerals for sodium ions. The outcome is that these minerals are removed effectively from the water before it reaches your faucets, appliances, and travel through your plumbing.

In the case of reverse osmosis water treatment system, impurities in the hard water are removed through a semipermeable membrane. The little filter traps all kind of contaminants and not just hard minerals. However, these systems are usually more expensive than water softeners appliances.

Gardening Tools

5 Basic Gardening Tools For A Beginner

Gardening is a process whereby someone does plant a variety of plant for a specific reason for example; food, commercial purposes, animal feed, and many more reasons. This is a vast field that calls for almost full responsibility and capital to start it. Capital in gardening does not mean only finance, but it also means tools and machinery needed to help a farmer in accomplishing the desired project at hand. Therefore, once someone has decided to venture into gardening activity, he or she is a beginner and should start with some simple tools mentioned that will help start on a good tone and proceed to other tools later.

Gardening Tools


A wheelbarrow is an essential tool to begin with. Honestly speaking, gardening requires carrying of sacks of manure, chaff from the desired area, stocks and many more requirements. Therefore carrying all this by hands or shoulder can either hurt you in the due process or even destroy clothes. The wheelbarrow will help to make work easier by smoothly moving heavy objects from one place to another helping the farmer or an individual do work in the garden smoothly. Hence, it appears to be in the five essential gardening tools for beginners.


Gloves are critical tools used in gardening. We all know that gardening entails dealing with rough tools, soil, twigs, manure, and chemicals. All of these are necessities in the garden, and hence the majority of them can easily hurt the gardener or dirt from the encounter is harmful to human health. Therefore, to avoid this entire risks one should have gardening gloves that will help to protect hands and also maintain hygiene of the gardener. Without gloves, it could be a daily risk of life through the whole gardening experience.


Also, the trowel is among the 5 necessary gardening tools for a beginner. For a gardener, there is a need to have this tool to help in weeding the plants, planting them appropriately and also sorting them from weeds. With the help of this tool, your plants will remain to be healthier due to sufficient soil supply with the help of trowel. Having considered it, the gardener should buy an original and a well fit trowel to avoid future problems caused by it. Therefore, this is a tool that will most probably be used by the farmer for the sustenance of crops. A small scale gardener can maintain all crops alone with the help of this tool.


Spade should not be left out. Carrying manure from compost and removing from either wheelbarrow or tractor trailer will be easier and first when someone uses a spade. Spade will help to carry chaff from the farm to the desired places easily. All these purposes done by a spade will appear to be difficult to the gardener in case spade is not around. Due to these tasks needed by the farmer, it is a more involved tool in gardening, and hence spades should be included among the first 5 basic gardening tools for a beginner.

Watering Can

Lastly, the watering can is the essential tool. Plants need water always for their existence and growth. In most cases, small plants need to be watered or irrigated daily so as they can grow into a full grown plant. Now, for the gardeners, it becomes a daily responsibility to make sure that these plants have access to the desired amount of water. This is all done through irrigation, and not all gardeners are in a position to have sprinkling machines. Therefore, it will be the main urge for the gardener to acquire watering can as among the first tools to start gardening to easily irrigate plants and minimize wasting water that might be a problem to find.


gardening is an excellent choice as a source of life and commercial gains by an individual. Therefore, without a proper selection of the first essential tools, one can end up buying some gardening tools that might not be essential for a start leading to failure. Gardening beginners should not be stressed with overwhelming tools that might end up consuming the whole of their starting capital which at the start will not be of help. Choosing of 5 basic gardening tools for a beginner may be different to different gardeners, but it is good to consider the above too.